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We are the oldest established Bluebeam Reseller in the UK.  We are also the longest established Bluebeam Platinum Partner in the UK. At Brighter Graphics, our aim is to assist the AEC industry in adopting new Construction Technologies & to digitise the construction industry. Adoption of technology has a multitude of benefits, to include, but not limited to; Health & Safety, Cost & Time Savings, Efficiency, Monitoring, et al. 

We are very selective in the products we offer, each one chosen for being the best at what they do and all are complimentary in achieving the benefits listed above.

Included below are independent user reviews of Bluebeam Revu, from Software Advice website. We have no control over their reviews and the reviews below are fetched live from their website.

I utilize BlueBeam Revu pretty much on a daily basis whether it be to open/review documents (as a PDF reader) or to edit/modify documents, invoices, etc. It has become a HUGE tool for me, a time saver AND a stress saver as well! :-)
A useful tool I've been using since 2016. The private consulting industry has basically embedded this software into their workflow. Sadly, probably due to its cost, the public sector/client dont tend to use Bluebeam or they have the entry level version without all the features.
I have been using BlueBeam for more than 3 years. I have worked as a Contractor, Engineer while using BlueBeam. It has been the greatest tool that Construction industry personal can have. Must buy for Engineers and architects. Bluebeam has saved me tonns of time for editing files/documents and reviewing drawings for construction. I am very happy to have this software on my personal computer as well as work computer
was using Adobe Acrobat to sloppily make redline notes when doing takeoffs and spec checks on drawings. Bluebeam Revu was made for this purpose and everything works so much better. This has made communicating with other designers on projects a breeze when I can easily communicate my notes on plans.
I am very satisfied with Bluebeam for large drawing markup and team collaboration. I would recommend it to anyone in engineering who's looking to take a step toward more functionality and efficiency.
I spend a lot less time posting changes and as-builts, but with much more professional results. I also love the time it's cut down on creating our punch lists and tracking the completion of those items.
Quickly and easily edit PDFs. More powerful and functional than most of the basic PDF applications available. Merge documents from a Windows Explorer window.
its very good. uses daily, its very compatible with AutoCAD Revit and other software's where its gives best pdf viewer experience and editing marking or comment session. best options are availed to make changes for document. security is high. content is preserved.
Overall my experience has been very good. This software basically adds a lot of technical components for PDFs. For example, if you want to sign off on documents, or stamp them with approvals, you can do that easily through Bluebeam.
Michael S.