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Introduction to Revu 20

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Bluebeam Revu was designed to change the world of PDF as we knew it. We wanted to take away the frustration, the confusion, and the anxiety associated with taking your workflows digital. And we did. We built an application that is intuitive – it just makes sense. All the markup tools you need, day in, day out, are placed right on your desktop, a click or two away. We created break-through technologies such as Tool Chest™, MultiView™, Sync, Dynamic Default™, Compare Documents, VisualSearch™, File Access™, Links and Spaces to make your life easier.

We made 3D PDF creation and viewing user-friendly, and even allow you to add markups to 3D views. Even better, we invented the world’s only PDF solution that remembers, virtually eliminating the need to do the same thing twice. When you make an annotation or open a file, Revu remembers. As you work, Revu works. But we didn’t stop there. We built Revu to be fully customizable – from the desktop Profiles, tool sets and toolbars to the formulas you can enter the columns of your Markups list, Revu can be all you want it to be. We also integrated Revu directly with Microsoft® SharePoint® and Bentley® ProjectWise® so that every file is just a click away. Then, we introduced Bluebeam Studio™ and extended Revu to the world. Now, not only can you collaborate with anyone, at anytime, anywhere you like, you can also store and access all your project files in the cloud with Studio. And yet, with all the innovative and revolutionary features, we still felt there was something more we could do. So, we created eXtreme, the ultimate version of Revu which adds OCR, PDF form creation and editing, and powerful scripting options for automating multi-step processes from the desktop. It just keeps getting better. Welcome to Bluebeam Revu. Enjoy.

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