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Facilitate seamless collaboration and speed up design reviews & QA/QC processes with Bluebeam’s design review software.

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How can defects be eliminated and project progress paced up with Bluebeam design review software?

Bluebeam Revu offers a comprehensive solution to the common challenges of managing project documents and facilitating efficient design review processes in AEC projects. The typical barriers in design review amid traditional workflows and practices include:

  • Delayed feedback that slows down the entire project
  • Miscommunication that originates a loop of errors
  • Difficulty accessing updated documents and concurrent information
  • Bluebeam, a state-of-the-art design review and collaboration tool, effectively addressed these issues as a go-to
  • platform for PDF annotation and document management in AEC.
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Seamless Collaboration & PDF Annotation in Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam's desktop solution, Revu 21, facilitates real-time collaboration and helps keep all stakeholders aligned and informed, reducing the risk of errors and rework. As a leading design review software, Bluebeam Revu 21 offers:

  • Customisable markup tools and PDF editing capabilities to annotate and edit PDFs
  • Markups to track all annotations and comments made during the review process
  • Bluebeam Studio Projects to store files & folders with shared access for team members
  • Bluebeam Studio Session to invite teams to collaborate on Live PDFs and track session activities

This centralised workflow allows quick access to document revisions, enhances accountability, and ensures all team members are informed of the latest changes and feedback.

Leverage the Power of Bluebeam Cloud

Bluebeam subscription also comes with access to Bluebeam Cloud anywhere and anytime. With the Bluebeam Cloud solution for web and iOS, project admins can invite team members from any global location to participate in real-time document review and markup sessions. Bluebeam Cloud takes collaboration and efficiency to another level by offering:

  • Secure, cloud-based access to project documents
  • Enabling team members to view, upload, and review the latest project updates anywhere & anytime.
  • This ensures continuity and accessibility in fast-paced project environments.

Bluebeam is an all-in-one solution for ensuring seamless communication and updates across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.


Bluebeam Design Review Software Features


Markup Tools

Annotate PDF drawings with highly customisable markup tools and share with team members for standardisation of workflows.

Tool Chest Icon , Bluebeam Revu

Tool Chest

Create custom measurements, markups, and shapes and save them as toolsets in Revu Tool Chest. These can be shared across teams and sent to Bluebeam Cloud.


Markup Editor

Use Markup Editor in Bluebeam Cloud (on the web or iOS) with a range of customisable markups to annotate, review, and comment on centralised documents.


Bluebeam Studio

Upload PDFs and other documents to Studio Sessions in Bluebeam Studio. Invite team members to collaborate and markup on Live PDFs anytime or anywhere.


Markups List

Track, review, and flag (with multiple statuses) your markups and annotations in the Markups List, ensuring all critical points are addressed during the review process.


Batch Processing

Select multiple pages or documents to edit, crop, link, split, sign, seal, or stamp in a single go with Batch Processing features.

Compare Pages in Bluebeam Revu

Compare Pages

Compare two PDF documents or pages side-by-side with synchronised views to find, review, markup, or highlight critical project updates.


Overlay Pages

Stack two or more PDF pages over one another as a layer to compare by converting them into different colours.