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Bluebeam helps transform the public sector through digitization. Leverage Bluebeam’s custom tools, markups, and measurements to finish complex jobs quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

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Public Sector Workflows

Markup and Collaborate

Mark up and collaborate on live PDFs. Track all edits and comments to ensure transparency.

Site Planning with Bluebeam Studio & Cloud


Reduce the complexities of civil planning and development projects with Bluebeam Studio and Cloud.

Stay Connected on Cloud


Use Bluebeam Cloud on the web or iOS to manage and markup with shared PDFs on the cloud.

Efficient Estimation Processes


Use Revu’s Visual Search TM feature to pace the estimation process, eliminating manual tasks.

Track & Manage Everything

Track and manage everything in the Markups List. Export markup data to BI tools for more insights.

More than 3 million professionals globally trust Bluebeam for their project needs. Its reputation for reliability and efficiency makes it the go-to solution for public sector projects of all scales and complexities.

Experience Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

Bluebeam provides the public sector with various built-in tools and customization offerings for efficient project management.

  • Skyrocket the speed and accuracy of your review and surveys with Bluebeam’s advanced markup and collaboration features.
  • Digitise your outdated workflows with the Bluebeam Studio, allowing simultaneous markup and collaboration on PDF plans, reducing project approval and review period.

Maximize efficiency with rapid, precise measurements

Revolutionize Plan Reviews and Approvals

Revolutionise Plan Reviews and Approvals

  • Reduce the complexities and time constraints of civil planning, land planning, and development projects easily.
  • Bluebeam Studio empowers teams to securely review, mark up, and modify plans collaboratively on the desktop, ensuring smooth project progression.
  • Bluebeam Cloud helps remote and in-house team markup and edit PDF plans on the web or iOS, anywhere and anytime.

Standardise Workflows for Seamless Collaboration

  • Bluebeam streamlines project workflows with industry-adopted markups and symbols.
  • Create, save, and share custom toolsets, ensuring clarity and consistency across all project stages.
  • Collaborate and align with project stakeholders, including clients, with your project vision.
  • Use customizable markups and symbols to ensure consistent communication and understanding among project stakeholders.

Standardize Workflows for Seamless Collaboration

Experience Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

Maximise efficiency with rapid, precise measurements

Timely measurements and estimations are crucial for effective site work planning and execution. Bluebeam’s dynamic linking to Excel as you measure ensures swift and accurate estimations.

  • Streamline the process of site measurements for public infrastructure projects, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Keep track of your measurements in Bluebeam’s Markups List, suggest changes, comment, and track progress.
  • Export Markups List summary to share with stakeholders and share its data to Excel for further calculations and quantifications.

Accelerate Estimation Processes with Visual Tools

With Bluebeam, you don’t need to manually scroll through comprehensive documents to search for single or multiple icons, symbols, or other PDF content.

  • Leverage Bluebeam’s visual search capabilities to quicken estimation and quantification tasks.
  • Search text on your PDF without scrolling and searching across the pages for desired content.
  • Create legends and perform length, area, or volume measurements effortlessly
  • Ensure efficiency in your preconstruction phase without any manual and repetitive tasks.

Accelerate Estimation Processes with Visual Tools

Manage Community Assets Effectively

Manage Community Assets Effectively

Bluebeam offers a robust tracking and quantification mechanism to keep a record of assets seamlessly, keeping your project organised and on course.

  • Effectively track and manage public assets for maintenance schedules and budget planning.
  • Perform precise measurements and estimations with customizable measurements for various quantities and units.
  • Manage different layers on your PDFs to segregate information about different assets and toggle their visibility as needed.
  • Compare different versions of plans and documents to examine and track asset changes over time.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Get a detailed outlook of a project in the Bluebeam Markups List with data-driven insights for Informed Decision-Making

  • Track every markup on your PDFs with comprehensive details like author, date, color, and status.
  • Create custom columns in the Markups List for text, numbers, and formulas to avoid missing anything.
  • Export Markups List’s data to your preferred BI tool for insightful analyses.
  • Make informed decisions and continue your project progress and performance with peace of mind.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

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