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Construction Design Review  Tool for Architects

Enhance design quality and streamline document management with innovative architect tools tailored to architectural design review needs.

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Architect Workflows

Review Design


Mark up and collaborate on live PDFs, accelerating design and QA/QC project workflow.

Bluebeam Work Flows, Bluebeam Cloud Web, IOS

Use Bluebeam Cloud on the web or iOS and Studio on the desktop to manage PDFs

Submit RFIs & Submittals

Effortlessly submit RFIs on drawings and distribute them among AEC teams.

RFI and Submittals

Efficiently assign, track, and resolve snag list items to achieve design goals.

Bluebeam, a trusted choice for over 3 million AEC professionals globally, elevates the architectural design and documentation process more effortlessly than any other architect tool.

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Effortlessly Communicate Across Teams

Bluebeam redefines architectural communication with advanced tools designed to increase effectiveness and time-saving. It lets you:

  • Create, markup, and edit 2D and 3D PDFs with tailored tools and measurements designed for architects.
  • Create tailored tools, save them in the Revu Tool Chest, and share them with your team members.
  • Ensure consistency in communication and data exchange between architects, engineers, and contractors.
  • Create, hyperlink, and share detailed project documents and reports easily across teams, enhancing coordination.

Stay Current and On the Same Page

Effective and efficient Bluebeam's architect tools are central to seamless project and document management. You can use its cloud features in architectural workflows to:

  • Manage and maintain up-to-date documentation in a go, ensuring that all stakeholders are always informed.
  • Store all project documents and drawings in Bluebeam cloud (on the web) or Studio (on Bluebeam desktop app: Revu and web) to access remotely.
  • Enable all stakeholders and clients to review and edit the latest documents on the web or iOS device.
  • Define permissions for project invitees in Cloud or Studio to add, edit, or delete markups, documents, or entire folders.


Mark Up on Live Documents, Brighter Graphics

Mark Up on Live Documents

Collaborate seamlessly with Bluebeam’s real-time review and markup capabilities by:

  • Improving the pace and accuracy of design reviews by collaborating in real-time.
  • Engaging in live document reviews and markups with teams globally on desktop, web, or iOS.
  • Using a complete collaboration suite of Bluebeam Studio that comes with Studio Projects and Sessions.
  • Storing files on Studio Projects > Collaborate in Studio Sessions > Review and Track Changes throughout the project.

Simplify Punch, RFIs, and Submittals

Bluebeam enables your architecture teams to stay active throughout the project lifecycle by streamlining critical project elements with Bluebeam's intuitive tools. It includes:

  • Handling snagging lists, RFIs, and submittals effortlessly on Bluebeam’s latest desktop app, Revu 21 and flexible cloud solution, Bluebeam Cloud.
  • Ensuring that the contractors stay informed with the clients and architects’ design intent and remain in a knowledge loop throughout the project.
  • Leveraging advanced markup tools for quick access to project details, ensuring every piece of information remains intact and traceable.

Simplify Punch, RFIs, and Submittals, BG