Markup and Annotate Together, Anywhere or Anytime


Bluebeam's PDF markup software allows you to mark and annotate your PDFs. Invite Bluebeam Studio and Cloud team members to markup in real-time from desktop, iOS, or Web

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Why Choose Bluebeam to Markup PDFs?

Markup List

Customisable & Scalable Markup Tools

Bluebeam is the leading PDF markup software used by over 3 million AEC professionals around the globe. The subscription for Bluebeam's latest version, Revu 21, comes with Bluebeam Studio and Cloud. Bluebeam offers a variety of customisable and scalable tools and measurements to markup PDFs.

This is what you can get with Bluebeam's PDF markup software solution:

  • Customisable and sharable markups and measurement tools to quickly annotate PDFs.
  • Ability to create copies of Markups with the Multiply feature to annotate efficiently.
  • Markups List to track and manage markups with the ability to create custom columns.
  • Create & save frequently used markups in the Bluebeam Tool Chest to share with team members.

Markup Editor in Bluebeam Cloud

Bluebeam Cloud is accessible on a web or iOS device. Bluebeam Revu users can export their tool chest from the desktop app (Bluebeam Revu) to Bluebeam Cloud. Ensure consistency in workflows and standardise communication.

  • Bluebeam Revu users can use the same Bluebeam ID to access Bluebeam Cloud for:
  • Saving PDFs on centralised and scalable Bluebeam Cloud to avoid data redundancy.
  • Inviting in-house and remote team members to Bluebeam Cloud Projects to markup together.
  • Exporting favourite and frequently used markups from Bluebeam Revu to Cloud.

Bluebeam Cloud

Bluebeam Studio

Collaborate on Bluebeam Studio

Bluebeam Revu comes with Bluebeam Studio to invite team members in Studio Sessions to markup and annotate together, anywhere or anytime. It ensures seamless collaboration, transparency, and stakeholder communication to reduce roadblocks and errors for rapid project progress.

Bluebeam Studio offers:

  • Studio Projects to save critical project documents, files, and folders all in one place.
  • Studio Sessions to invite team members to markup and annotate in real-time.
  • Share comments, set statuses, and make replies for better team communication.
  • Track session activities in Studio Sessions to keep everything in check and control.

Bluebeam PDF Markup Software Features


Bluebeam Studio

Collaborate and markup together in real-time with Studio Sessions. Save project files and folders in Studio Projects.


Bluebeam Cloud

Invite team members to markup on Cloud from their web or iOS devices, anywhere and anytime.


Markups List

Enables users to annotate and collaborate on PDF documents, with a corresponding list to track and manage markups.


Revu Measurements

Tools to calculate length, area, perimeter, and more, accurately quantifying elements in PDF documents.


Snap Feature

Enhances precision while marking up PDFs by snapping to existing content, grid lines, or other markups.

Tool chest Icon, Bluebeam Revu

Tool Chest

Create and save your favourite tools in Revu Tool Chest to share with other team members.