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Deliver error-free and comprehensive project closure documents as digitally searchable packages with the leading construction project handover software.

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How to Capitalise on Bluebeam's Construction Project Handover Software?

The AEC project closeout and handover phase ensures all documentation is clear, accurate, accessible, and well-organised. But it often comes amid some critical challenges, including:

  • Difficulty in creating and managing comprehensive & updated project archives.
  • Roadblocks in delivering easily searchable and readable digital handover packages.
  • Time constraints in gathering and modelling critical building information.

Bluebeam Revu is the one-stop solution for overcoming all these challenges, with all the features and tools you expect in industry-leading construction project handover software.

Project Handover

Revolutionise Project Closure & Handover with Bluebeam

Revolutionise Project Closure & Handover with Bluebeam

Bluebeam revolutionises the project closeout and handover workflows by offering remarkable tools specifically designed to cater to the creation and delivery of digital closure documents. Bluebeam Revu 21, the latest Bluebeam solution for construction project handover, offers:

  • Effortless creation and management of accurate and coherent digital archives from design to construction.
  • Dedicated smart tools for creating searchable manuals for quick and easy access to critical project data.
  • Creating easily searchable digital packages that are easy to navigate, manage, and share for efficient project delivery.

Document Creation and Management - All in One Place

Bluebeam Revu's scope stretches beyond mainstream document creation to enhance how information is managed, accessed, and exchanged during and after project completion. It offers:

  • Built-in templates allow you to create documents from scratch in a go.
  • Create custom PDFs to ensure standardisation and consistency.
  • Add actions to PDF content to open external links, files, or folders.
  • Bluebeam Studio Projects for centralised storage of critical project files and folders.

Bluebeam Revu takes care of all your documentation and management needs from design to construction project handover, ensuring a smooth transition during the closeout and handover stages.

Document Creation and Management - All in One Place

Bluebeam Project Handover Software Features



Add hyperlinks to markups to open desired sites, page, page section (snapshot within a PDF), document, file, or folder.


Edit PDFs

Cut, Copy, Paste, or Delete PDF content in a go. Use customisable markups to create shapes or buttons for PDF design and editing.


Markup Tools

Use customisable and shareable markup tools to create line, rectangle, polygons, arrows, etc. to annotate PDFs with eash.


Markups List

Track and manage all markups in a Markups List in Revu. Keep all your markups easily searchable and organisable.