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Maximise efficiency and reduce risks with Bluebeam’s integrated tools for general contractors, from project initiation to handover.

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General Contractor Workflows

Markup and Collaborate


Mark up and collaborate on live PDFs. Track all edits and comments to ensure transparency.

Stay Connected Cloud with Bluebeam Revu, Brighter Graphics


Use Bluebeam Cloud on the web or iOS to manage and markup with shared PDFs on the cloud.

Studio Collaboration


Invite team members to collaborate, markup, & share files on the desktop app with Bluebeam Studio.

RFI and Submittals


Perform precise measurements for accurate estimations, leading to winning more bids.

Submit RFIs & Submittals


Effortlessly submit RFIs on drawings and distribute them among AEC teams.

Bluebeam used by over 3 million AEC professionals worldwide, offers everything you want in an enterprise-grade, all-inclusive subcontractor management software.

Improved Transparency and Communication, Brighter Graphics

Improved Transparency and Communication

Bluebeam transforms how general contractors communicate, from the office to the field. Achieve unparalleled efficiency with features designed for the construction sector using:

  • Markup tools tailored for general contractors that facilitate clear communication across teams.
  • Automatically track all edits and comments, maintaining data integrity and consistency throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Keep every team member in sync, minimising misunderstandings and errors.

Manage Everything on Cloud

Centralised, cloud-based project management is at the heart of Bluebeam subscription’s offering for general contractors. It offers features and perks like:

  • With Single Sign-On, use the same Bluebeam ID (BBID) that grants access to the desktop app to access Bluebeam Cloud on the web or iOS.
  • Export custom toolsets and drawings from Bluebeam’s desktop app, Revu, to Bluebeam Cloud without hassle.
  • Cloud-based document management to store and manage all project documents and drawings securely in the cloud.
  • The office and field teams can seamlessly access the most current project information on any device, anywhere and anytime.

Manage Everything on Cloud with Bluebeam Revu

Collaborate to Scale and Grow with Bluebeam Revu, Brighter Graphics

Collaborate to Scale and Grow

Bluebeam takes project collaboration to the next level with secure, simultaneous document handling. The remote collaboration features include:

  • Studio in Bluebeam Revu enables teams to securely review, markup, modify, and update documents simultaneously on the desktop.
  • Markup editor in Bluebeam Cloud that offers web and mobile-based collaboration, extending functionality to the field.
  • Live Collaboration that enables real-time updates and reviews to accelerate the review process reducing the need for rework and enhancing project timelines.

Simplify Complex Processes

Bluebeam’s ability to scale and automate your project's complex, mundane, and repetitive workflows makes it the leading software for general contractors. It enables:

  • Quick and accurate measurements from PDF documents for quality takeoffs and estimations, ensuring a higher bids winning rate.
  • Field tools that redefine how you manage snagging lists, RFIs, and submittals on the go.
  • Revolutionise field operations by simplifying workflows, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in on-site activities.

Simplify Complex Processes with Bluebeam Revu, BrighterGraphics