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Construction Snagging Software

Revolutionise how you manage snag items for an efficient construction site inspection with Bluebeam Revu snagging software

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How to Improve Site Inspection with Bluebeam Construction Snagging Software?

The traditional management of construction site inspections often comes amid several critical challenges that extend project duration and fuel inaccuracies. It includes:

  • Extensive paperwork that blocks efficiency in the field.
  • Lack of transparency and communication blockages between field and office teams.
  • Complexities in real-time tracking and updating of punch list items.
  • Streamlined and Digitised Punch (Snag) List Management with Bluebeam's Site Inspection
  • Optimise Field Operations and Reduce Errors
Site Inspection

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Assign Snag Items, In-House or On-site

Bluebeam provides a powerful construction snagging software solution for cloud and desktop. Bluebeam helps AEC teams dodge the roadblocks mentioned above to ensure faster closure of snag items and improved accuracy through real-time updates. The key features and tools for site inspection in Bluebeam include:

  • Field Tools in Bluebeam Cloud to place and assign snag items directly to individuals or groups
  • Bluebeam Cloud accessibility on web or iOS devices for quick action and accountability
  • Connect seamlessly with documents in Bluebeam's desktop solution, Revu 21
  • Create comprehensive snag lists from PDF drawings or map views
  • Track and organise the snag items effectively
  • Attach necessary photos or documents for detailed reporting.

Track, Manage, and Scale AEC Workflows

Bluebeam Revu’s desktop capabilities enable teams to significantly improve the management of snag lists, leading to more efficient project execution and timely completion. The additional tools that aid Bluebeam’s construction snagging capabilities include:

  • Generate and export detailed reports and markup data directly to your preferred business intelligence tool
  • Access and manage snag items from anywhere, anytime, to ensure rapid progress and reduce roadblocks
  • Use markup editor in Bluebeam Cloud to annotate construction PDFs to ensure consistent delivery
  • Invite team members to participate in live updates and reviews for improved collaboration

With Bluebeam's industry-leading construction snagging software tools and features for site inspection, AEC teams can achieve a higher level of precision and efficiency in snag list management. It impacts overall project health, timeline, and rapport with clients.


Features of Bluebeam Construction Snagging Software


Field Tools

Import your toolsets and documents from the Bluebeam desktop app to the cloud. Submit and manage RFIs, Snag items, and submittals on the go.


Tool Chest

Create custom measurements, markups, and shapes and save them as toolsets in Revu Tool Chest. These can be shared across teams and sent to Bluebeam Cloud.


Markup Tools

To annotate PDF drawings, use highly customisable markup tools. The custom markups can be saved in the Tool Chest and shared across teams for standardisation.



Create a specific area as Spaces in Revu to ensure efficient tracking and management of Snag items.


Markups List

Track and manage markups in the Markups List. Create custom columns and filter records for each column with the ability to export Markups data to Excel.



Choose built-in Revu profiles or create custom columns for a more tailored desktop experience with Bluebeam Revu.


Markups Summary

Generate report from Markups List as markups summary to share with various stakeholders and ensure transparency.