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Bluebeam Revu

Construction Project Management Made Easy

Ensure data integrity, improve design quality, save time, and improve ROI with a comprehensive construction project management tool for the AEC industry

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Bluebeam Revu Use Cases

Markups and Measurements

Use custom markups & measurements to annotate PDFs. Track all your markups & measurements in the Revu Markups List.

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Drawing & Document Management

Manage all your drawings and documents in one place with Bluebeam’s construction document management software.

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RFIs & Submittals

Submit RFIs and submittals on any device, anywhere & anytime, to accelerate approvals and avoid time overruns.

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Design Review & QA/QC

Collaborate in real-time to enhance quality and precision for faster design review and QA/QC.

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Site Inspection

Inspect confidently, submit snags (punch items) to conduct field investigations and document site conditions.

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Quantity Estimations

Optimise your budgeting and reduce material waste with precise construction takeoffs and quantity estimations.

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Project Handover

Manage and store everything from initiation to handover to deliver projects faster as searchable packages.

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Site Logistics

Capture site data and plan, create, organize, and share detailed site logistics for complex job sites.

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Bluebeam Revu Workflows

Review Design


Mark up and collaborate live PDFs, accelerating design and QA/QC project workflows

Estimate Quantities


Perform precise measurements for accurate estimations, leading to winning more bits.

Site Logistics


Create, document, and manage comprehensive site plans.

RFI and Submittals


Effortlessly submit RFIs on drawings and distribute them among AEC teams.

Site Inspection & Punch


Efficiently assign, track, and resolve punch list items.

Bluebeam Revu Features


Customisable Interface

Customize Revu's interface to match your style or job role. Use preloaded Profiles or create your own for tailored functionality.


Tool Chest

Standardise your custom markup tools across your company and saving them in the Tool Chest thus eliminating the time used in recreating them in the future.


Markups List

Customizable spreadsheet: Track, sort, filter with drop-downs/formulas for status, materials, take-offs, and estimates


Import comments 

Merge team markups into your master PDF with ease. Import and avoid redoing work, saving time and effort



Enhance searches with Bluebeam Revu's VisualSearch™ for graphical symbols in complex drawings. Highlight, hyperlink, and count results easily


Batch link

Bluebeam Revu Batch Link speeds up navigation in large document sets by auto-creating hyperlinks using file names, page regions, or page labels.



Automatically rename document page labels in Bluebeam Revu using bookmarks or page regions like bottom page numbers. Set prefixes and suffixes for multiple page regions.


Compare documents 

Effortless error reduction with automated pixel-by-pixel comparison between document versions. Markup or highlight differences for a quick review.


Overlay Pages

Revu's overlay feature compares PDFs by converting them to different colors, and stacking them as transparent layers. Stacked colors show changes clearly.


PDF creation plugins 

Bluebeam Revu integrates PDF creation with MS Office and CAD software like AutoCAD, Navisworks, SolidWorks, Revit, and SketchUp Pro for efficient batch PDF creation


3 Dimensional PDF’s

Convert 3D files from Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, etc. into a 3D PDF with Bluebeam plugin. Use these files to create, share, and edit PDFs with 3D CAD data that your team members can access.



Bluebeam Studio: Collaborate live or on stored files from anywhere. 500 users can work on a single PDF, with unlimited cloud storage for all file types.

Buy Bluebeam Revu Packages

Bluebeam Subscription Plans

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bluebeam-icon-png Bluebeam Basics


Per user, billed annually

Simple PDF markup, measurement, and management tools.

Includes Bluebeam Desktop (Revu), Bluebeam Cloud (web and mobile) and services.

Key features and services:
  • Create, edit, and markup PDFs
  • Add digital signatures and OCR
  • Measure length and area
  • Collaborate with others in Studio


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bluebeam-icon-png Bluebeam Core


Per user, billed annually

For professionals who need to markup, measure, collaborate, and manage projects with precision.

Includes Bluebeam Desktop (Revu), Bluebeam Cloud (web and mobile) and services.

All Basics features and services, plus:
  • Create specialty markups on 2D and 3D PDFs
  • Use standard measurement and takeoff tools
  • Batch compare multiple drawing revisions
  • Collaborate in real time with Studio
  • Use AECO plugin support
  • Navigate documents
  • Create custom statuses
  • Generate standard markup reports


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bluebeam-icon-png Bluebeam Complete


Per user, billed annually

Accelerate and optimise your projects with advanced markups, measurements, and automation.

Includes Bluebeam Desktop (Revu), Bluebeam Cloud (web and mobile) and services.

All Core features and services, plus:
  • Create advanced markups
  • Use advanced measurement tools
  • Create custom formulas for measurement
  • Use Dynamic Fill
  • Use Quantity Link
  • Automate with Batch Link®
  • Automate with Batch Sign & Seal
  • Generate advanced markup reports
  • Use scripting commands


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Why Bluebeam Revu?

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Collaborative Markups & Measurements in Real-Time

Utilize industry-leading PDF creation, markup, and measurement tools tailored for peak efficiency. Bluebeam Revu's specialized tools enhance team productivity across all project stages.

  • Use measurement tools to calculate the Area, Length, Perimeter, and Volume of regular shapes
  • Use Dynamic Fill to measure the area or volume of irregular regions on your drawings
  • Design PDFs with markups, images, shapes, and stamps
  • Edit, Delete, Cut, or take a Snapshot of your PDF content to edit PDFs
  • Create custom tool sets to save your desired tools, markups, and measurements
  • Use the snap feature to make your measurements and markups more precise

Data-Driven Decision Making Made Simple

Efficiently export your project data to your preferred analytics tools with Bluebeam. Unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions that steer your project toward success. Let no bias enter your crucial decision-making process that drives your business. With Bluebeam Revu, you can:

  • Organize data in the Revu Markups List to make it more manageable
  • Export your Markups List data to Excel that you can further use to create charts
  • Use data in CSV or XML format to import it into your preferred analytics tools
  • Continuously export and analyze data at different stages of your construction project
  • Perform accurate quantity takeoffs based on data from markups and measurements

Data-Driven Decision-Making Made Simple, BG

Streamlined Project Management from Inception to Completion, Brighter Graphics

Streamlined Project Management from Inception to Completion

Keep your project's progress transparent and under control. This is how Bluebeam makes your construction project management a breeze:

  • Bluebeam’s Markups list efficiently tracks all edits and markups with time stamps
  • Enable different built-in columns or create custom columns to capture crucial project details
  • Safeguard your project's integrity from the first draft to the final deliverable

Personalized Project Experience

Add a personal touch to your documents with customizable markups such as text, highlights, clouds, callouts, and stamps. Access these tools effortlessly in the office or the field and share them with your project partners for a harmonized workflow.

  • Create markups or measurements and edit them anytime you reopen the document with Bluebeam Revu
  • Batch process multiple documents at once to process multiple documents at once.
  • Flatten or Unflatten your markups to make them permanent or editable
  • Use document security to Protect your PDFs with passwords and 256B AEC, 128B AES, and 128B RC4 encryptions.
  • Export and share your custom toolsets with custom markups and measurements with team members to ensure consistency across project workflows

*Read Revu Basics, Core, and Complete comparison to know the availability of different Batch Processing features in selective tiers of Revu.

Personalize Your Project Experience


Collaborate Seamlessly with Bluebeam - Anywhere, Anytime

Bluebeam revolutionizes teams' collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, offering a secure, unified platform for internal and external stakeholders. With Bluebeam Cloud and Studio, you're not just sharing documents but fostering a collaborative environment accessible to multiple end-users.

  • Use Bluebeam Cloud to collaborate and markup your drawings on the web or iOS
  • Use Bluebeam Studio and invite your team members to collaborate in real-time
  • Set permissions in Bluebeam Cloud and Studio to add, edit, view, or delete files
  • Track record of Studio Sessions and Projects in Bluebeam Studio