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How to Improve & Scale Construction Site Operations with Bluebeam Revu?

Efficient construction site logistics software becomes mandatory when embracing digitisation in construction for streamlined processes and high-end efficiency. The outdated and mainstream practices to manage site logistics put forward critical challenges, such as:

    • Difficulties in simplifying and standardising site logistics and planning.
    • Obstacles in sharing and updating logistics plans in real-time with key stakeholders.
    • Resolving issues in remote logistics management and creating an effective feedback loop.

Bluebeam's efficient construction site logistics software covers all these loopholes for seamless and well-collected teamwork in managing and planning site logistics.

Site Logistics

Manage Logistics on Complex Job Sites

Manage Logistics on Complex Job Sites

Bluebeam offers industry-standard and state-of-the-art construction site logistics and planning solutions to address the challenges of managing site logistics. It enables better control, visibility, and collaboration across different team tiers (both in-house and remote) in complex job sites. The key features offered include:

  • Creating and saving customisable & sharable markups for creating effective site planning.
  • Sharing custom tools with Revu Tool Chest for standardised communication among team members.
  • Invite team members to mark up logistics plans remotely in Bluebeam Studio for synchronised planning.
  • Access Bluebeam Studio Session activities with time stamps for better transparency throughout the project.

Manage Site Logistics & Planning on Cloud

With Bluebeam’s advanced collaboration features and site logistics capabilities, teams can improve the efficiency and accuracy of construction site logistics to a notable extent. Remote and in-house teams can standardise and scale communication with the following:

  • Cloud-based access to manage site logistics plans, anywhere & anytime, for continuous access and information sharing in real-time.
  • Use Markup Editor in Bluebeam Cloud on-site to access site logistics plans on any web or iOS device.
  • Leave replies & comments, update statuses, and track progress on Live documents in the Cloud directly from the field.
  • Maintain accessibility and usability across various devices to ensure all team members use the updated logistics plans irrespective of location.

Bluebeam, the leading construction site logistics software, gives users liberty and better control over site logistics. These market-leading features integrated into the Bluebeam subscription with a desktop and cloud solutions suite are necessary for more streamlined operations and improved project outcomes.

Manage Site Logistics & Planning on Cloud

Bluebeam Construction Site Logistic Software Features


Markup Tools

Use customisable Markups in Bluebeam to annotate, review, and comment on centralised documents.

Tool chest icon, Bluebeam

Tool Chest

Create and save your custom markups, measurements, symbols, and tools in Revu Tool Chest that can be shared across the team.



Create different layers on PDFs to assign desired markups to different layers to toggle their visibility for better visibility and organisation.



Create an interactive markup summary directly on PDFs that automatically changes as you update the document markups.


Dynamic Markups

Create dynamic markups of PDFs that automatically resise when applied of scaled PDF drawings.