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Manager RFIs and submittals on any device, to accelerate project and milestone approvals and avoid time overruns.

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Keep AEC projects on track with Bluebeam's construction RFI software

Managing RFIs (Request for Information) and submittals efficiently in construction projects is often challenging. The challenge comes amidst traditional ways of relying on non-consistent tools, such as:

  • A lack of standardisation in document management and collaboration
  • Delays in project timeline and progress with a higher probability of errors
  • Miscommunication between teams in the office and the field
RFI and Submittals, Bluebeam

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Field Tools in Bluebeam Cloud

Bluebeam Revu offers a seamless integration capability, allowing users to import their existing toolsets and documents from the desktop app to Bluebeam Cloud. This integration enables AEC teams to:

  • Post RFIs directly onto the drawings uploaded in Bluebeam Cloud
  • Making RFIs accessible across web or iOS devices.
  • Mention team members directly within the drawings for real-time access to project aspects.
  • Keep a strong hold and insight into project progress, deadlines, issues, and pending tasks.

Annotate and Collaborate Together

Bluebeam Cloud's centralised construction RFI software solution simplifies managing and organising submittals by offering a unified platform for collaboratively sharing, reviewing, and annotating documents. It enables:

  • Assing and tracking reviews and approvals effortlessly
  • Improve team collaboration and efficiency to get things done faster
  • Send real-time updates and email notifications to team members


Features of Bluebeam Construction RFI Software


Field Tools

Import toolsets Bluebeam desktop app to the cloud. Submit and manage RFIs, Snag items, and submittals to collaborate with team members anywhere or anytime.


Automate Form Creation

Seamlessly convert scanned documents into PDF forms. Automatically finds spots for stamps, signatures, checkboxes, and dates.


Markup Tools

Annotate PDF drawings with highly customisable markup tools and share with team members for standardisation of workflows.

Tool Chest Icon, Bluebeam Revu

Tool Chest

Create custom measurements, markups, and shapes and save them as toolsets in Revu Tool Chest. These can be shared across teams and sent to Bluebeam Cloud.


PDF Editing

Edit, Cut, Delete, or take Snapshots of your PDF content to extract or eliminate wanted or unwanted information respectively from PDFs.


Batch Processing

Use Bluebeam Revu’s batch processing features to process multiple documents at once. You can quickly apply Batch links and stamps across multiple pages or documents simultaneously.


PDF Creation

Create 2D or 3D PDFs directly from CAD softwares like AutoCAD, Revit, or SketchUp. Create PDF forms with custom layouts or using pre-built templates.


PDF Actions

Add actions to your markups or PDF content to directly jump to a specific PDF region or page. Add hyperlinks to open website links, files, or folders.

Bluebeam, a trusted choice for over 3 million AEC professionals globally, elevates the architectural design and documentation process more effortlessly than any other architect tool.