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CAD Software for People Who Build the Future

Relentlessly committed to the success of our customers

Change your design software not your design workflow

Be more like Ted

Fed up with constantly changing your licensing because your vendor has removed your options, afraid of being found non-compliant for a technicality?

Looking for a way to reduce your spending on your design software. Then be more like Ted Rossdale and the 1000s of others who were inspired to change to a modern and efficient CAD system.

Join Ted in being the superstar at work and bringing in BricsCAD

Bricsys is a global provider of the BricsCAD® brand of engineering design software.

We are relentlessly committed to the success of our customers.

Bricsys offers its software at a compelling price, with industry-leading product support. Incorporated in 2002, Bricsys is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance and a proud member of the Hexagon PPM family.

Modern, familiar, compatible, and cost effective CAD platform of the future

  • Familiar DWG design format
  • Keep your existing workflow and design processes.
  • Compatible with all other DWG design tools and legacy drawings
  • BricsCAD runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Network and Standalone Licences
  • Flexible global licensing model
  • Compact 500MB installation

The pace of change has never been this fast and it will never be this slow again

Join the thousands of customers who are making the change to a progressive flexible design tool that is enabling your business to be as cost effective and productive it needs to be in the current climate.

BricsCAD offers an all in one solution from 2D to 3D through to BIM and Mechanical Design

BricsCAD® Lite

Have you ever wanted to network your 2D design software?

Then BricsCAD Lite is the software you have been looking for.

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BricsCAD® Pro

3D software at the price and licensing model that you want.

Create native DWG drawings using all your familiar toolbars and commands.

If you have ever used CAD then you will be familiar with the commands, blocks and sheet layouts in BricsCAD.

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BricsCAD BIM is the product for those CAD users who want to convert their conceptual design models into fully classified BIM models.

The AI engine in BricsCAD BIM takes your existing CAD model and gives it the intelligence and detail that you need without having to leave the software. Collaborate freely with other design tools using the industry standard IFC 4.0

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BricsCAD® Mechanical

Using the power of 3D direct modelling in a familiar DWG based model whilst reducing the errors from other MCAD based software.

Import data from existing MCAD models and work on them freely. BricsCAD Mechanical turns your existing models into manufacturer ready documentation all in a single DWG based workflow without costly errors.

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Compare Features

BricsCAD Lite BricsCAD Pro AutoCAD LT
Section Title
Multi-platform Licenses
Perpetual + Maintenance
Network Multi-user
Volume (Perpetual)
Global Usage
Legally owned subsidiaries licence deployment
Home User software

Change how much you spend not how you design

Why pay more?

Change how much you spend not how you design

BricsCAD gives you all the 2D and 3D functionality that you need in the trusted DWG format in a flexible licensing model and at a price that works for your business.

Open all your existing DWG files inside BricsCAD.

"Before BricsCAD, we had been using other CAD software that was also DWG-based, but it didn’t offer the BricsCAD speed. We make pretty large constructions, and a zoom or an attempt to rotate the model, well, that just took forever with those other programs.”

Paul Schijfsma
Senior Engineer and Head of R&D department of Stageco Netherlands

still shot

I love the fact that the majority of our extremely advance, proprietary, in-house software works great just as it did in Autocad. Just as any design firm we have literally hundreds of custom routines, 3rd-party apps, and custom .net /vba software that we once thought was only meant to be run and limited to Autodesk software and thanks to BricsCAD we found out that simply isn't the case.Of course the price simply can NOT be beat. Its a win-win for us all the way around.
Jose G
I have been using AutoCAD for more than 25 years , recently I have got a chance to explore this product . As an AutoCAD expert I could easily transform my knowledge into BricsCAD because of the similarities in Interface and approach. The performance of this software in a given platform is really good ! Above all , The Shape module is free and we have an option to own this product for a nominal cost .I would like to call BricsCAD , AutoCAD Plus !
Mohammed S
I love the machine learning and Artificial intelligence capabilities, which allow for more efficient drawing creation, using a familiar interface. Repetitive tasks are automated for design efficiency and simplified workflow.
Genevieve F
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