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BricsCAD Conversion

1 Day Course Agenda

Change your design software not your design workflow

AutoCAD to BricsCAD Conversion 

001 Introduction

  1. Why move from AutoCAD to BricsCAD?
  2. Using the exercise files (provided)
  3. The BricsCAD interface vs the AutoCAD interface

002 Using the BricsCAD Interface

  1. Application Menu vs Application Menu
  2. The BricsCAD ribbon and panels
  3. Using the BricsCAD dialog boxes and palettes
  4. Working with the BricsCAD status bar
  5. Working with Bricsys 24/7

003 Drawing Simple Geometry with BricsCAD

  1. Using Entity Snaps (ESNAP) and Snap Track (STRACK)
  2. Using POLAR and ORTHO
  3. Working with lines, arcs, and circles
  4. Working with polylines, polygons, and splines
  5. Using Sketch
  6. Using Zoom and Pan

004 Annotating Simple Designs

  1. Using the Drawing Explorer (STYLE)
  2. Working with single line text (TEXT) and multiline text (MTEXT)
  3. Setting up dimension styles (STYLE)
  4. Placing dimension annotation and text labels
  5. Setting up a table style (STYLE)
  6. Adding a simple table

005 Communicating Design Intent

  1. Creating a simple titleblock
  2. Defining your page setup
  3. Adding scaled viewports
  4. Using annotative scaling
  5. Printing and plotting with BricsCAD

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