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BricsCAD Professional

2 Day Course Agenda

Change your design software not your design workflow

Starting with BricsCAD V21 


001 Introduction

  1. The essentials of BricsCAD
  2. Using the exercise files (provided)
  3. The BricsCAD interface – an overview

002 Using Units and Options

  1. Setting units
  2. Converting units
  3. Editing and managing the BricsCAD settings
  4. Working with template files (DWT)

003 Drawing Simple Geometry with BricsCAD

  1. Lines and polylines
  2. Arcs and circles
  3. Rectangles and polygons
  4. Ellipses
  5. Points and donuts
  6. Isometric views with elliptical arcs
  7. Revision clouds

004 Modifying Objects

  1. Selecting objects
  2. Using Move and Copy
  3. Using Rotate and Scale
  4. Creating and using arrays
  5. Using Offset and Mirror
  6. Using Stretch and Lengthen
  7. Using Trim and Extend
  8. Using Break and Join
  9. Using Grips and Grip Editing
  10. Using Boundaries
  11. Using Fillet and Chamfer
  12. Using Divide and Measure
  13. Editing Polylines and Splines

005 Hatching and Gradients

  1. Using the Hatch command
  2. Using the Gradient command
  3. Editing hatches and gradients

006 Text Techniques

  1. Setting up a Text Style (STYLE)
  2. Using single line text (TEXT)
  3. Using multiline text (MTEXT)
  4. Aligning text
  5. Framing text in a title block

007 Dimensioning Techniques

  1. Setting up a Dimension Style (STYLE)
  2. Working with the Dimensions panel 
  3. Editing dimensions and dimension overrides
  4. Breaking and spacing dimensions
  5. Using Continue, Baseline, and Ordinate
  6. Automatic dimensioning
  7. Setting up a Multileader style (STYLE)
  8. Using Multileaders

008 Reusing Content

  1. Using Groups
  2. Creating and inserting a block
  3. Using the EXPLODE command
  4. Redefining a block definition
  5. Using Save Block
  6. Using Blockify
  7. Creating a simple dynamic block

009 Attributes and Tables

  1. Creating a simple block with attributes
  2. Editing block attributes
  3. Setting up a table style (STYLE)
  4. Designing a table
  5. Adding fields to a table

010 External References (XRefs)

  1. Working with XRefs
  2. Attaching and overlaying XRefs
  3. Altering and clipping XRefs
  4. Editing XRefs
  5. Editing XRefs in-place

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