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Empower your design vision with an advanced 3D modeling solution for professionals, seamlessly blending intuitive tools and powerful features

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Why Choose SketchUp?

Pre-built Design Template

Utilize ready-to-use templates to jumpstart architectural and design projects, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Interior and Landscape Design


Create and map detailed interiors and vibrant landscapes with intuitive tools that bring your design visions to life.

Urban Planning and Engineering

Plan and engineer urban spaces with precision with advanced features for comprehensive project management.

3D Printing and Fabrication


Transform digital models into tangible objects with seamless 3D printing and manufacturing integration.

Unlimited Cloud Backup


Securely store and access project files from anywhere with unlimited cloud storage to ensure data safety and availability.

SketchUp Features


2D Drafting

Switch to 2D view and orient your POV to model in 2D with smart tools or turn 3D models into 2D using the Layout feature in SketchUp Pro.


3D Modelling

Create and model in 3D with SketchUp to level up your visual creativity. Make realistic 3D models of buildings, landscapes, furniture, etc.


2D Layout

Use SketchUp Pro's Layout feature to create 2D Plans of 3D models for documentation or presentations.

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SketchUp for Web

Use your browser to experience SketchUp on the web and start designing with the leading 3D modelling software.

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Photorealistic Rendering

Use VRayTM for high-quality rendering and simulate realistic lighting, materials, and cameras.


Style Builder

Create custom, hand-drawn-style edges in SketchUp models for drawings needing a more artistic touch.


Terrain and Site Modelling

Import, edit, and manipulate topographic data through SketchUp Sandbox tools to create 3D terrain models.


Simulate Shadows

Toggle the shadow settings to see real-time shadows cast by buildings, landscape features, and other elements.


Built-in Templates Library

Use SketchUp 3D Warehouse, where users can find and share their 3D models, from furniture to entire buildings.

Push-Pull Tool

Push/Pull Tool

Extend any flat surface into 3D shapes simply by clicking and dragging to quickly create 3D models from 2D maps.


SketchUp Subscription Plans

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SketchUp Pro

£301.00 £295.00

  • Robust desktop 3D modeler
  • 2D design documentation
  • Quick insights for design research
  • Experience reality (XR) headset viewing
  • Access to plugins for extending SketchUp Pro Desktop functionality
  • Unlimited access to pre-built 3D models
  • Augmented reality mobile viewer
  • Unlimited cloud storage

Includes individual use of SketchUp client desktop, LayOut, Style Builder, SketchUp Viewer for XR and Mobile, SketchUp for Web, Support and Trimble Connect for Business.

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SketchUp Studio

£645.00 £635.00

  • Everything in Pro plus
  • Import Revit files into SketchUp in a few clicks
  • Model on point clouds in 3D and document in 2D
  • Create real-time visualizations and photorealistic images
  • Export fully rendered animations and 360° panoramas

Includes individual use of SketchUp desktop, V-Ray for SketchUp, LayOut, Style Builder, SketchUp Viewer for XR and Mobile apps, SketchUp for Web, Trimble Scan Essentials, Pro Support, Pro learning and Trimble Connect for Business Windows


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Discover the Dynamic Features of SketchUp

SketchUp is more than a 3D modelling tool; it's a portal to transforming imagination into tangible designs. Here’s how SketchUp stands out:

Intuitive 3D Modelling for Everyone

Perform 3D modelling with SketchUp’s intuitive interface. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, SketchUp’s user-friendly approach turns your creative skills into art with the least effort.

Intuitive 3D Modeling for Everyone

Model in 3D with Point Cloud Data

Model in 3D with Point Cloud Data

Boost your efficiency by modelling with point cloud data from terrestrial images, photogrammetry, LIDAR, mobile mapping, and drone shots.

Utilise Desktop, Web, and iPad

Share, discuss, and co-create real-time models with team members and clients on desktop, web, or iPad with the ability to save and share projects on the cloud.

Utilize Desktop, Web, and iPad

Efficient Project Management and Documentation

Efficient Project Management and Documentation

SketchUp streamlines your design process from sketch to construction. It allows you to organise projects, manage revisions, and generate detailed reports, all within a unified environment.

Data-Driven Insights for Smart Design Choices

With SketchUp’s analysis tools, you can make informed design decisions. Use real-world data to optimise your 2D and 3D models for functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics.

Data-Driven Insights for Smart Design Choices

Extensive Library of Pre-Built Models

Extensive Library of Pre-Built Models

With SketchUp's 3D Warehouse, you can access vast resources for pre-built models. Enhance your projects with ready-to-use components, saving time and igniting creativity.

Realistic Rendering for Stunning Visuals

With SketchUp's rendering capabilities, you can bring your models to life. Create engaging visuals that capture the spirit of your designs, ensuring a higher bid-winning rate with presentations and pitches.

Realistic Rendering for Stunning Visuals