Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade Guide

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How to Upgrade your Perpetual Licence to Revu 21 Subscription


Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade Tutorial

With the debut of Revu 21, Bluebeam has shifted to a subscription model and replaced previous versions. To continue with the Bluebeam updates and support with active maintenance, it is mandatory to upgrade to the Bluebeam Revu 21 subscription before Sep 30th, 2023.

You can convert your perpetual licences (with Active Maintenance) to a Bluebeam Complete subscription without paying for any subscription or licence cost.

*Perpetual Licence users without Active Maintenance must purchase a Revu 21 by paying a complete annual subscription for Bluebeam Basics, Core, or Complete.

This guide walks you through the step-by-step process of Bluebeam subscription upgrade by converting and upgrading your existing perpetual licences to the latest version of Bluebeam - Revu 21. Let’s discuss this in detail.

*The self-upgrade process is not for Bluebeam Open Licence (OL) users. If you use OL with an older version of Revu, connect with Brighter Graphics for the Bluebeam subscription upgrade.

Stage 1 – Create your BBID and Upgrade to Subscription from Bluebeam Webstore

Step 1 - Access Bluebeam Website

Go to Bluebeam’s official website.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 01

Step 2 – Go to Log-in Option

In the top-right corner, locate and click the "Log-in" button.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 02

Step 3 - Access Webstore

From the drop-down menu that appears, select "Webstore."

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 03

Step 4 - Select Location and Currency

Wait for the Bluebeam Webstore to load. From the top, choose your location and preferred currency. For instance, if you're in the UK, select United Kingdom and GBP.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 05

Step 5 - Choose Server Region and Log In

Proceed by selecting the server region that suits you best.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 06

Then, click the log-in button.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 07

Step 6 - Create an Account (If you have not created it yet)

You will proceed to the log-in portal. If you don't have a Bluebeam account or BBID (Bluebeam ID), click on the "Create Account" tab. Fill in essential details such as name, email, and password. Remember, the email you enter will serve as your future BBID to access the complete suite of Bluebeam products including Bluebeam Cloud, Studio, and Revu 21.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 08

Step 7 - Account Creation

Once the necessary information is provided, click the "Create Account" button.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 09

Step 8 - Agree to Terms and Conditions

A pop-up window will appear, displaying Bluebeam's Terms of Use. To proceed, read through and click "I Agree."

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 10

Step 9 - Email Confirmation

In the subsequent step, you'll need to confirm your email. Locate the Bluebeam Confirmation Email in your inbox and click the "Confirm My Bluebeam ID" button within.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 11

Step 10 - Return to Bluebeam Store

Once your BBID is confirmed, return to the Bluebeam Store. Reiterate the process of selecting your location, currency, and server region. Click the log-in portal, enter your email address as the BBID in the portal and click "Next."

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 12

Step 11 - Sign-in

Enter your password and click "Sign-in" to access the Bluebeam Webstore.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 13

Step 12 – Go to Perpetual Licences Tab

After signing into the store, navigate to the "Perpetual Licences" tab.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 14

Step 13 - Identify Eligible Licences

Locate the licences that qualify for an upgrade.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 15

Step 14 - Upgrade Selection

Click "Upgrade for Free" for the licence you want to upgrade.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 16

Step 15 - Verify Details and Add to Cart

In the pop-up window, double-check the licence information and select "Add to Cart."

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 17

Step 16 - Review Cart

Click on the "View Cart" button positioned at the bottom-right corner of the window.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 18

Step 17 - Confirmation Pricing Details

Confirm that the total price is zero, as you are indeed upgrading for free.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 19

Initiate the checkout process by clicking "Checkout."

Step 18 - Billing and Additional Information

In the forthcoming step, input your billing details and any other required information. Review all entered details and click "Continue Checkout."

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 20

Step 19 - Agree to Terms of Sale and Use

Ensure you agree to Bluebeam's terms of sale and conditions of use by checking the respective box. To finalize the order placement, click "Complete Order."

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 21

Step 20 - Confirmation and Download

Once your order is processed, you will receive two emails from Bluebeam to your email address (set as your BBID) in a moment. One email will confirm the upgrades were processed, and the other will ask you to ACCEPT INVITATION.

Bluebeam Subscription Upgrade - Image 22

Stage 2 - Declare Yourself as Admin to Manage Subscriptions

Step 1 - Go to the second email, click ACCEPT INVITATION, and you will be directed to Bluebeam’s Org Admin Portal. Sign in with your BBID. When prompted, fill in any contact information needed and click FINALIZE.


Step 2 - Look for another email confirming the Bluebeam Admin Access in your inbox. Click GET STARTED.

Step 3 - Select your server region and sign in with the same BBID.


Congratulations, you can now access the Bluebeam Admin Access Portal.


Stage 3 - Inviting Your Users

Step 1 - After login into Org Admin Portal, select ACCOUNT, PRODUCT TIERS & USERS.

Step 2 - Under the ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATION section, use the ADD NEW SUBSCRIPTION USER feature to invite users using the same email verification process as we discussed above. Check out our step-by-step guide on accepting Org Admin Invitation for subscription seat allocation and sharing it with your users.

*Users can only access the new Revu 21 with all features and suits, including Bluebeam Studio and Cloud, once invited/accepted by the admin.

You can also decide on Revu 21 access for your new user as VIEW ONLY or COMPLETE. After setting up the admin, set your subscription to COMPLETE if you (Org Admin) will also use Bluebeam Revu 21. Otherwise, you cannot access all the market-leading features of your Revu 21 Complete subscription.

For any queries, feel free to contact Brighter Graphics.

To learn more about this subscription, read our detailed Bluebeam Subscription FAQs to know everything about this new transition.